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SEO Link Building: 7 Effective Methods

Building quality backlinks is a vital component of search engine optimization, but it’s not a quick fix. Over time, a backlink’s value may decline as it gradually loses its authority or is replaced by a newer, more relevant backlink. To maintain a high search engine rating, you must add fresh backlinks consistently.

One major victory is discovering who is connected to your rivals. You can trust that your competitors’ backlinks on relevant sites will help your SEO efforts. Though it’s possible to tackle this task manually, free and paid tools are available to help you examine the backlink profiles of your rivals.

Finding backlinks that go to 404 pages on other sites, contacting them, and recommending that they change the 404 links with one pointing to a similar page on your website is known as “broken link building.” In addition to helping the site that’s linking to you, you’ll also benefit from the exposure.

There are primarily two approaches to discovering these dead links:

  • Discover the rivals’ broken backlinks.
  • Learn as much as you can about the site you wish to link to yours by exploring it in depth.

It’s essential to keep track of which of your old hyperlinks are no longer active, even while you work to get new ones. To modify your website’s Backlink Page Info in SEO SpyGlass, navigate to Backlink profile > Backlinks. If some of the links on the sites you choose have disappeared, the programme will recrawl them and let you know.

Backlinks that have been removed from a website may be seen in Ahrefs, another excellent tool, by going to Site Explorer > Backlink Profile > Backlinks > Lost:

There are several possible explanations for the disappearance of your links:

  • Possible site owner link replacement (link is missing).
  • The linked page may no longer exist (page not found).
  • It’s possible that the website is currently experiencing technical difficulties (the site is down).
  • There may be a block in indexing the page.

You should get in touch with the site’s proprietors and politely request their help in restoring a broken backlink. Depending on the specific circumstances, a no-index directive, a deleted backlink, or a request to transfer your link to a different page are all possible solutions.

4. Create Hypertext With Pictures

As expected, individuals are more likely to click on images since they demand more attention and space. For this reason, it’s beneficial to make and promote visual content (such as infographics, graphics, product photographs, cartoons, and the like) in order to increase the number of inbound links pointing to your site.

However, you should ensure that the image link goes to the main page the picture is on rather than the image directory if you want to utilize the image as a backlink. Dead-end links to image directories (those with file extensions like gif, .png, .jpg, etc.) waste time and resources for everyone involved.

5. Contribute To Blogs As A Guest Writer

Contributing to other people’s blogs may increase your authority and reach a new audience. You can even improve your search engine rankings by including a link to your own site inside the article. If you want to learn more about finding the perfect chances and getting your guest posts published. You need to check out this article on guest posting for SEO.

6. Get Included On Top Lists

Of course, having your product or service featured on a “best of” list is a huge confidence booster. Still, it also provides a terrific opportunity to have your site linked to an established and respected resource.

If you use a tool like Online Backlink Checker to examine a competitor’s website. Pay close attention to the do-follow backlinks that include words like “best” and “top”. You’ll be able to identify the lists where your site may be included.

To learn how to be added to the list, you may get in touch with the article’s author or the site’s proprietor. If you produce a compelling blurb, they may include you in order to maintain the relevance of their material, whether or not you pay for placement.

7. Talk To Other Professionals In Your Field

Connecting with others in your field through events, social media, or other networking activities may increase the number of people who see your site and content, increasing the likelihood that they will link back to you.

You could, for instance, participate in some related Facebook Groups, where you may initiate debates, add to existing ones, and provide helpful information. If you do too much, you risk (rightly) coming across as spammy. The purpose of this thread is to disseminate any information you have that might be of use to the community at large. What they do with it is entirely up to them. But if you’re lucky, they could even decide to connect with you.

To get the most out of your time spent in an online community. So you should read the contributions of the other members. Offer to talk with someone if they indicate they want to publish a blog post about a topic relating to your business; you never know what may come of it.