How To Find Best Instagram Reels Length In 2023

How To Find Best Instagram Reels Length In 2023

Instagram reels has become the most influential video-sharing social media platform. A recent study says that Instagram reels are getting more engagement among the audience than stories, feed posts, and IGTV videos. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, introduced the reels feature in 2020. From the day of release, it became more popular among its users.

Instagram allows the user to post short videos from 15 to 60 seconds. Shorter videos will get more engagement and views. In today’s world, people don’t have time to spend watching lengthy videos. So posting short videos will make a good impact for your target audiences.

Posting Instagram reels on your public account will increase the views count by both followers and non-followers of your account.

Why Is The Length Of Reels Important?

The length of your Instagram reels determine the reach and engagement of a video that depends upon the user engagement. Thus, try different video lengths using reels insights and compare all your videos to analyze your ideal length for your reels.

Instagram Algorithm

Instagram will take your videos to a larger audience if your video gains more likes, comments, and shares. So to attain this, you have to post quality content, continue with the trend, post quality videos, use popular hashtags, and post videos with a 9:16 ratio. Instagram will consider these major factors, so you must work according to Instagram’s algorithm.

Instagram reels length 2023 and New update

In their recent update, the video length of Instagram reels increased from 60 to 90 seconds. It helps the users extend the content duration, with informative content, behind the scenes, and teaser-like videos. There is no rule for creating videos for a specific duration to get more impressions depending on whom you’re targeting and what content you’re posting.

Another significant feature of reels is importing your audio and use it later for your future videos. Instagram has introduced many pre-load reels filters to make videos creative and much easier than before. In future updates, it will add new features in reels to engage with the audience.

You can choose the Instagram reels length by following the steps below

  1. Open the “Instagram” app on your phone.

  1. Click the “Reel” icon in the center of the app.

      3. Tap on the “camera” icon, and it takes you to reels.

      4. Select the “duration” icon and select the length of your Instagram reel. 

Find Best Instagram reels length 2023

Instagram doesn’t mention a specific time duration to use on reels. Each user will make reels of different lengths. It is based on the target audience, the content you’re posting, and the audience’s average attention span.

These factors will help you to determine the best length for your reels. I’ve seen some of the reels with shorter duration getting less engagement. Thus, the length of reels will not get you more reach and attention. You need to post a quality video with good content to reach more audiences. In every short-form video platform, “Content is a king” makes videos with suitable content in an ideal duration.

The audience will decide to watch a video by viewing the first few seconds. So, try to engage the audience from the beginning of your video. When your reel’s video looks attractive and engaging, more views on Instagram reels occur for your attractive content, thus making your audiences watch the entire content. In every short-form video platform, views play a prominent role in it. Create videos with an audience perspective, and try to engage the audience from the beginning of a video. 

Perfect Reels Length To Grab Target Audiences

Analyzing and discovering Instagram reels length for your target audience is essential. The target audience will determine the duration of the reels. Some of the examples are,

  • If your target audience is working professionals, you need post reels with a shorter duration
  • If your target audience is people who tend to buy products, you need to post quite a long video from a sales perspective.

So, it differs based on your goal. Before posting reels, you need to analyze all these factors to get more reach and engagement.

Try Different Types Of Instagram Reels Lengths

Post Instagram reels with different time duration that helps to know the reels duration for your reels videos to engage more users. You can find out the views of a reel at the bottom left corner.

View reels Insights

Insights will help you to know about the performance of each Instagram reel. It is like a report which shows the most liked reels, multiple views, and demographics. These factors will help to find the best length of Instagram reels.


The growth of Instagram is tremendous, where nine out of ten users watch and post reels weekly. So, the user engagement competition is high and to stand out from the competitors, you need to be unique and creative to get more reach and impressions. The length of the reels will have a significant impact, so follow the steps to determine your ideal reels length.